Secure Shopping Cart - What does it do?

Manage your stuff.

Unlimited number of products. Upload or link to your images, manage your inventory online, unlimited configurable products options. You have the flexibility to use our online product database or simply plug your products into your own HTML code using our online HTML generating tools.

Lets you get paid for your stuff.

Our shopping cart system will intergrate seamlessly with many online payment gateways such as, Paypal, Linkpoint. We also offer numerous manual methods for those who do not have an online gateway, getting will be a painless process.

We would also love to hear from you if your payment gateway in not currently available through our service.

Helps get your stuff to your customers.

Currently our service will allow live rates lookup for USPS and Fedex. Manual methods such as zone/rate/destination system, flat rates, ship by order weight are all included with your shipping options. That's great you say for physical products, but can you sell virtual or download-able stuff. Of course!

Helps look after your customers.

Included is our customer registration system, which allows you to communicate with you customers using a newsletter system. Reward return customers with a customer discount coupon, site specials even a recurring discount. The choice is yours.

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