Secure Shopping Cart - Feature

To help you decide which one of our Online Secure Shopping Carts options best meets your needs, we have broken our feature list into an easy to read format.

Features List PLUG-IN Shopping Cart STANDARD Shopping Cart ADVANCED Shopping Cart
14 Day FREE Trial
Additional Disk Space. - 200Kb 1Mg
Safe Secure Environment.
Superior server speed and reliability.
Compatible with all web browsers.
Template Design (pre-set) or Fully Custom Template.
Receive orders via email instantly, fast and efficient.
Customers receive an order confirmation/receipt via email instantly.
Online Shopping Cart Statistics
Upload your company logo, and brand your shopping cart to your company.
Real-time Credit Card process using VeriSign Payment Services, LinkPoint, WorldPay, PayPal, PayPal ExpressCheckout, PayPal Pro, Ezic, AuthorizeNet and more.
Other payment methods include non-real time credit cards, telephone/fax or online checks.
Advanced shipping options which includes shipping based on product weights, destinations, or the option to set basic flat rate shipping, handling and taxes, even shipping by order value. Very comprehensive and versatile.
LIVE rates lookup with USPS and Fedex (More to come soon.).
Ship/Print Order System: Mark orders as shipped with their tracking numbers, sending a shipping confirmation email and print po's quickly and efficently.
Advanced Discount Coupon System.
Additional Information System. ( Gift wrapping, etc )
Feedback System ( How did you find us? , etc )
Shopping Cart Purchase History ( Client only ) 24hrs a day access.
Add or Remove the Customer Identity Stamp
Display Images in shopping cart ( Uploaded to Photo Album or URL Link ).
Place unlimited special announcements on: Order confirmation emails, Online Invoices, Shopping Cart Basket, Checkout Summary Page, and Checkout Thankyou Page.
Use our online HTML Tools to generate the HTML code required to add products to your website with a few simple clicks. Or, instead, you may wish to generate HTML pages hosted by us, that you can link to from your website. Fast, Easy and you need limited HTML knowledge to get started today.
Site Specials ( % discounts, free shipping, free products etc)
Bulk Product Database Importing system.
Download/Backup Product List.
Multiple Currencys
Detailed online sales reports and periodic email reporting.
Customer Registration System ( Customers must register checking out. )
Bulk Customer Database Importing system.
Customer Discount system. ( Setup discounts for wholesale customers. )
Reward Points System ( Coupon rewards. )
Shopping Cart Purchase History ( Customer. ) 24hrs a day access.
Online Product Inventory System
Setup Multiple users for shopping cart administration
Full Admin system logs ( Prior month Only. )
Member Newsletter System.
Block IPs, Member IDs, Host Servers instantly.
Ban or Remove Members instantly.
Did we mention 14 Day FREE Trial
Start building your business today!. Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial